The structured freedom story


Structured Freedom is about going from good to great.  I found myself disappointed in the response I was hearing from people when I asked them the common question, "How are you doing today?"  Over and over again I kept hearing people respond with answers like, "OK", "all right", and "I'm getting by".  It sounded like people were settling in life when they really had so much more to achieve and offer to others. This drove me to create a system to help people develop a positive mindset that will promote a healthier body ultimately creating a more happy and fulfilling life.

Let me back up my story for a minute...

In 2002, I was married, owned a home, was in phenomenal shape, traveling around the world and was also a partner in a Personal Training company that I had started with three friends. From the outside looking in, it appeared that I had it made. However, everything wasn't as solid as I thought it was.  One day I went under the knife for a routine surgery and when I woke up in the hospital bed, the surgeon (also a friend of mine) broke the news to me that I had Stage 3C testicular cancer, which meant that had the cancer been caught much later I would have reached the Stage 4 death sentence.  I knew that my best chance of survival was to ignite a positive mindset and attitude and ultimately believe that I was going to survive and be healthier than I had ever been in my life.

The events that followed my cancer diagnosis were not picturesque...



Moved in with my parents.

Lost my personal training company.

I never placed any blame or wondered why I was the punching bag for what seemed like so many knockouts at that time in my life. Through it all I became extremely aware of the power of the mind and how a small tweak in my own thoughts greatly impacted the results in my life.

The challenge of what seemed impossible became possible, and ultimately my reality. Soon after I came out on the other side of so much adversity I became Fitness Director of one of the fastest growing gyms in the Carolinas, met my wife, purchased a new home and in 2010, Megan and I welcomed our daughter into the world...the daughter I was told in 2002 I'd never, ever have as a result of testicular cancer.

During my time as a personal trainer and Fitness Director I started looking for ways to get better results for my clients. I wanted to created a program that better supported my clients and got them out of the need to have someone else just tell them what to do. I wanted them to be self-motivated and have the tools necessary to set and reach their lifestyle goals. Over 20 years of being in the health, wellness and fitness industries I came to realize that in order for any person to go from being 'good' to being 'great' involved more than working out and eating healthy. It involved a combination of exercise and healthy eating PLUS a positive belief system, healthy relationships, a balanced lifestyle and a connection to spirit.

I began incorporating a life coaching element into the work I was doing with my clients in the gym and noticed a massive shift in the results they were achieving. They were enjoying becoming healthier, of course, and the results they began to experience went beyond physical appearance. There relationships were improving, they incorporated positive beliefs that were aligned with their goals, many of them were coming off of medications and they were more in tune with what they wanted to accomplish rather than going through the motions of what they thought they needed to do to 'live a healthy lifestyle'. My clients were coming into the gym for simple weight loss and were leaving with completely transformed lives. My ultimate goal when working with my clients is that they can be healthy and happy at the same time through consistent effort and to empower them to make the decisions that will take their lives from 'good to great'.

As a result of 22 years in the health, wellness and fitness industries, Structured Freedom was born for the purpose of helping the average person take a life of mediocrity and step up their game to turn their dreams into a reality.  My signature system, Temple Transformation, incorporates common sense practices and simplified systems that take out the confusion of what health and wellness really is.

I do what I do because it it the right thing to do!