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Welcome to Structured Freedom...


Sean and Megan

Shawn Huber's personalized success coaching program -- Structured Freedom -- is one of the most successful life changing programs in the country. Shawn will help you develop your life goals, live up to your potential, and shatter your idea of what is possible in your life. Shawn focusses on individuals, small businesses, and athletes

Shawn's wife Megan is also a coach, and she talks about the courage to have an impact. You can follow her activities at her website.

Shawn's Associate, John Koch, is a certified fitness and yoga instructor. He also knows Karate and Kickboxing. Read more about John on the Associate's page.


" Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer and was told that I had zero percent chance of having children. On Sept. 10th, 2010, our daughter Brighton Tenley Huber was born. By keeping positive and working hard at my dreams, a Miracle occured. And so, the foundation of my approach is staying positive, while working hard to excel at whatever is important to you!"

-- Shawn Huber

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